Big Beautiful Women Pageant International Application

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By submitting this appiication form I agree to participate in the Big Beautiful Woman Pageant. I understand that the pageant will be video taped. I will represent myself in a respectful manner at all times as a contestant in the pageant. I will use no profanity, nudity or X-rated behavior. I understand that all tapes, pictures and promotional items belong to Wilkes productions for perpetuity and may be used for any chosen legal purpose. After three business days, the registration fee is non-refundable. There are no refunds on tickets or ads. Winning the pageant means I agree to represent and promote the BBW pageant and fulfill all obligations or forfeit the title of Queen of the Big Beautiful Women. Wilkes Productions reserve the right to withdraw the title for any reasonable reason as determined by Wilkes Productions. Be sure to fill in the BBWP application form completely! Go to our on line store to pay $200USD entry fee with credit card using PayPal or send check or money order payable to: Wilkes Productions

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if you are not serious about promoting plus size beauty.