Business Opportunities

Opportunities to earn money

Sponsorship Information

Sponsors are welcome to support any or all of our events. Because each sponsorship is unique and confidential please contact us for information and/or to arrange a conference. We constructed our sponsorship packages to include a host of advertisement for your company to attract consumer interest. Our intention is to be sure to broaden your customer base and increase your profits.

Investment Information

Profitable investment opportunities are available. Please inquire! Responsible and sincere investors can make a quick and substantial turnover in an incredible short period of time. Inquire to become a believer!


Earn revenue as a ticket outlet. We offer a percentage to persons that are willing to sell tickets to any of our events.  We are also looking for advertisement sales people as well.

Promotion Opportunity

We are looking for promoters to hold one of our BBW pageants in their prospective state. Contact us for details!

We are anxious to have you join our Wilkes Productions family...

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