Current Awardees

This page will show current awardees and previous boxers of the year.

2024 Awardees

Our Philly champ – Jeron “Boots” Ennis

2023/24 BOXER OF THE YEAR Jeron “Boot” Ennis

New annual award – The “Smokin’ Joe Frazier Memorial Spririt Award was presented to – Lando Rosa
(2nd year in a row, 2023 & 2024)

Judge – Lynne Carter

Referee – Shawn Clark (3rd year in a row 2022, 2023 & 2024)

Matchmaker – Rodney Rice

Trainer – Bowzie Ennis

Manager – Lando Rosa (3rd year in a row, 2023 & 2024)

Upcoming Boxer – Oluwafemi Oyeleye aka Femi

Blast from the Past – Kelvin “KK” Kelly

Boxing Writer – George Hanson 2012 to 2024

Cut-man (Joey Eye Award) – Nick Rosario

Promoter – Rodney Rice

Fan of the year – No one

Most tolerant spouse – Mrs. Yolanda Baker

Boxing facility – Pivot Boxing Academy (3rd year in a row)

Special Awards by: Dave Wilkes

2024 – Hidden Hero – Tsunami Samuel Teah (RIP)
2019 – 1) Championship belt for 50 years promoting boxing for J Russell Peltz of Peltz Boxing Promotions
2) Hidden Hero – Rasheed “Sugar Sheed” Johnson
3) Boxers against cancer – Renee Reynalds& Ms Stephanie Cain (Zinman Furs)
4) Supporter – Dr. Roxanne Contee & Nino DelBuono

2018 – 1) Boxers Against Cancer – presented by: Paul “Earthquake” Moore
2) Hidden Hero award – Simon “One Punch” Carr & Paul Moore
3) Supporter award – Velma “Baby TNT” Garrett
Special Presentation by Earl Weeks: Veteran Boxer award to a boxer from the military

2014 – Fred Jenkins Jr. (outstanding boxer) & Sharron Baker (outstanding achievements)

2013 – Boxing champions – past & present

2012 – Smokin’ Joe Frazier Memorial Spirit Award

2011 – 1)Inspirational award to Dewey Bozella
2) Retirement award from sports writing to Elmer Smith
3) Ringside Doctor – Dr. Steinberg

2010 – A dedication award to the memory of Pete Shafik Lyde, Jr.

2009 – A retirement from being a referee award for the also great and legendary
Mr Rudy Battle. Now state athletic commissioner.

2008 – A retirement from being a referee award for the great and legendary
Mr. Frank Cappucino.

2007 banquet was dedicated to WOMEN in boxing in the Philadelphia surrounding area.
Awardees – Elizabeth Cunningham, Venoca Micheals, Rose Vargus, Lucille Fletcher, Dave Wilkes (promoter), Sharron Baker, Lynne Carter, Velma Garret

Boxers Of The Year

1997 Charles “The Hatchet” Brewer

1998 Ivan “Mighty” Robinson

1999 David “The American Dream” Reid

2000 Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins

2001 Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins

2002 Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins

2003 Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins

2004 Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins

2005 Zahir Raheem

2006 Demetrous Hopkins

2007 Eddie Chambers

2008 Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins

2009 Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins

2010 Danny “Swift” Garcia

2011 Hammerin’ Hank Lundy

2012 Danny “Swift” Garcia

2013 Danny “Swift” Garcia

2014 Steve “USS” Cunningham

2015 Amir “Hardcore” Mansour

2016 Jason Sosa

2018 Tevin Farmer

2019 Julian Williams

2023 Jeron “Boots” Ennis

2024 Jeron “Boots” Ennis